Colosse Cheese Store


1.COLOSSE CHEESE FACTORY, Colosse, N.Y. The "cheese that made Colosse famous," a slogan familiar to those who travel North on Route 11, is made here. A group of Mexico dairy farmers started this business in 1900, to process their excess milk. Its fine cheddar and wash curd are known to cheese experts throughout the state and have won many gold medals for excellence at New York State Fairs.

2.SEDIMENT TEST. As milk from each farm is brought into the receiving room it is tested for impurities, as demonstrated by John F. O'Mara, owner of the Colosse Factory. Whole milk is piped from this department into vats in the mixing room. During the summer-time trucks from Oswego County farms begin to pull up to the loading platform at 7am., to deliver a daily average of around 21,000 lbs. of milk.

New York Cheese--A Vanishing Delicacy? by Nancy Vars
Photos by H. J. Borzner

The following is taken directly from the Syracuse Post-Standard Pictorial (Syracuse, NY), dated June 5th, 1955:
Will future generations be hard put to explain the significance of the name "cheese box," as applied to the Union's warship "Monitor," or fail to recall Miss Muffett's favorite fare? And may tomorrow's housewife no longer sample cheese from the big yellow wheel or know the elation which comes with being asked, as one expert to another, which will make the finest rarebit or best compliment an apple pie?
Indeed, we'd rather not think of such a possibility. The fact remains, however, that more than a thousand cheese factories which once dotted the map of New York State, a mere handful remains today.